Top 4 Sights To See In The Phuket Town, Thailand.

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Phuket, Thailand is an attraction in its own. A traveler, an explorer, a family on vacation regardless of which part of the world you are Phuket town is one town you must visit. The attractions in the town are numerous and the experience you gain is extensive. It has a wide array of selections of many sites from ancient history, architecturally valuable, programs and dramas to exotic cuisines you must try out.  

Phuket town has many attractions which will require at least a weeks’ time to cover up but there are some sights which are a must to cover in your short visit to Thailand.  

Old town in Phuket 

The Phuket old town embeds the rich history of the Phuket town and is a typical representation of the evolution of the town and its establishments. There are many restaurants, coffee shops, bars and many places which go hand in hand with social gatherings. Patong a city in Phuket is a must visit when restaurants are considered, Patong seafood restaurant is a cultural blossom which will tingle your taste buds with every bite.  

Khao Rang  

This is the second highest summit in Phuket town. It is a sight to see due to the vegetation grown on the mountain top and the freshness it adds to the environment. You will truly feel the difference between the concrete jungles we live in and the luscious vegetation of the summit. In addition, the top of the mountain is home to a temple with a golden Buddha statue which is a definite sight to see.   

Baan Teelanka  

The ban Teelanka is an upside down house. It is a fully furnished house with three stories. It is not an actual upside down house but it takes you through an experience where you feel you stand in a maze more than you stand in a house. Although it is situated south to Phuket it is a sight to see. There are family friendly resorts Phuket which will offer you transport and tour guides if necessary when taking long routed journeys such as the visit to Baan Teelanka.  

Weekend markets are popular in Thailand, generally this is a common shopping experience in Bangkok. The weekend market in Phuket is one of the best shopping and dining experiences you can gain in the city. The specialty of this market is that it enables you to sample millions of street snacks in various flavors of meat and vegetables. You are bound to be mind blown once you taste the first bite of every snack you try out.  

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