Things To Do On Your Next Trip To Thailand

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Thailand is the premier destination in Southeast Asia which is known for its famous beaches and to offer travel in budget. If you plan on travelling to Thailand then here are few things you could do. 

Put a tick off your bucket list 

If zip lining is in your bucket list then you could get it completed in Thailand. The adventurous spot in Thailand which is in Chiang Mai started the entire zip line hype and has six kilometers of steep zip line which is ideal for those who love adventure. Apart from the doze of nature you could also spot few animals while doing it. Another thing you could do is skydiving. Although many countries do offer this, skydiving is particularly cheap in Thailand compared to other countries. Another form of extreme sport which can be done here is flyboarding. Make sure you make someone take a picture of you doing it so you could spice up your Instagram feed. 

Travel in budget yet in style 

Yes you read that right. Compared to countries like Australia, Thailand is relatively cheap. So here you can afford to stay in posh hostels.  There are many luxury hostel Bangkok which are much cheaper than the basic hostels in most of the European countries. Also transport is cheap so you could get into a cab instead of walking miles to get to your destination. 

Sightseeing/pampering sessions 

Thailand is rich in culture so there are many famous places which you could visit. You could take a day trip to Ayutthaya; it has beautiful historic temples that will leave you mesmerized.  One cannot miss the famous floating market in Bangkok’s city canals. This place is full of life which will give you a lifetime of experience. If you are a fan of Game of Thrones then you have to visit Wat Rong Khun. This is an extra ordinary temple in Chiang Rai which looks like a fortress from Game of Thrones. Most of the people who solo travel makes friends at places like a Siam hostel Bangkok and visit these places with them. After a tiring day you could relax yourself at a spa. Massage in Thailand is ten times cheaper compared to the countries in West plus they have many varieties such as fish spa. 

Apart from the above mentioned activities one could do rock climbing and trekking. If you want to know more about their culture then you could take a Thai cooking class. Lastly it is also known for having a culture of party so it’s ideal for those youngsters to experience one of the world’s biggest night raves. 

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